Terminator 2 Pokies

If you aren’t old enough to remember the Terminator 2 movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you’re in for quite a treat. And if you are old enough, then you’ll know that you’re in for an awesome experience. This is one of the new pokies games that you won’t want to miss as it’s filled with high energy, tons of great action and amazing chances for pokies play for money and enjoy. Of course, you can start off with Terminator 2 Pokies in demo mode. But then to really experience the full action of the game, you may want to turn to pokies play for money. Everything about the game screams big from the big graphics and sound effects to the look and feel of the game. It's an exciting thing to see a movie that you knew from so long ago transformed into a modern day adventure, and this is particularly true for one that was so well received and loved when it came out. Of course, for the younger generation that doesn't know from the movie, the Terminator 2 Pokies game stands on its own as a great game to play and enjoy.

Starting Out

The Terminator 2 Pokies game brings the 1991 movie to life. The movie focuses on Sarah Conner, the mom who is trying to protect her son, John. John, the T-1000 knows, will grow up to lead a resistance against the machines and the machines are trying to kill him. The movie was filled with amazing graphics for the time and action that you couldn’t take your eyes off of; and now the new pokies games joins in that fun.

Game Details

The Terminator 2 Pokies game is a five reel and 243 Ways to Win game. This is a great format because it means that there are literally over two hundred ways to win- and if you get to the bonus section of the Terminator 2 Pokies game, there will actually be 1024 ways to win. That’s because another row is added and this increases the ability to win a great deal. The game comes from Microgaming and Studiocanal. When the T-1000 symbol appears in the Free Spins section as you enjoy pokies play for money, it will transform other characters for more wins. The T-800 Vision feature is randomly triggered and will let players to look through the eyes of the T-800 terminator and then get cash payouts. It can also trigger the Free Spins section with only scatter.

More Fun

All of this adds up to an incredible amount of action. It’s certainly worth looking at the Terminator 2 Pokies game and getting a feel for the game. Then, once you’ve learned even more about it and enjoyed playing a bit, you can turn to the chance to play for money. All of this adds up to an awesome experience and one that any player would not want to miss. And for old times sake, you might just want to watch Terminator 2 on television and see what graphics and special effects looked like long ago. You’ll be amazed to see how eye-popping everything looks now and how different the look and feel of this theme is from twenty years ago and then now. You'll never want to terminate your play time when you enjoy Terminator 2 Pokies. Get in the game today and have a blast.