Play Eagle's Wings Online Pokies Today

Eagle's Wings is a new pokies game from Microgaming, the industry leader in real money pokies, that takes you to the snow-capped mountains of northern United States, where only the eagles dare to fly where no one can follow them. Symbols include eagles in different forms as well as sheep and other forms of mountain life and, of course, stunning vistas that take your breath away. The five reel, 25 pay line pokies game features outstanding graphics ne of the hallmarks of all Microgaming pokies, as well as first-rate bonus features, including an opportunity to win as many as 60 free spins. There are also wild symbols, scatters, and multipliers that keep the pay outs rolling as the eagles keep flying.

Designed With Real Money Pokies Players in Mind

Eagle's Wings seems like a gift from above for people who like to play real money pokies. Not only does it offer more pay lines than most other online pokies, but also grants a chance to win an unusually high number of free spins, which can be retriggered, and where all winnings are tripled. In the Eagle's Wings Slots Bonus game, which is activated when at least three gold coins emblazoned with the eagle symbol appear on the board at the same time, a player chooses one of the coins and reveals the number of free spins he gets. The more gold coins that appear on the screen at the same time, the more coins the player gets to choose, giving him an opportunity for whopping 60 free spins. Combine the enormous number of free spins with the high number of pay lines, throw in wild symbols and scatters and multipliers and it's easy to see why people who love real money pokies would naturally flock to Eagle's Wings.

Among the Newest Pokies on the Market

Eagle's Wings appeared in the online pokies casino in the beginning of March, along with a number of other Microgaming creations. Within weeks, the game has amassed a loyal following for fans of real money pokies, eager to take advantage of the game's numerous winning opportunities. However, the game's appeal also lies in its careful design, evoking the strength of the American eagle and the bounty of the American north, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Of course, when the free spins start rolling and the winnings start growing, it's probably not the scenic view that is keeping people spinning the reels.