Reel Gems Video Slot

Once again a new real money pokies game has been released to great initial response. The Reel Gems Video Slot game joins a long list of new pokies designed by Microgaming and available online that have gotten the attention of all those who enjoy playing real money pokies. The combination of ease of play and great graphics make this a fun game for all.

No Pay Lines with Reel Gems Video Slot

In the Reel Gems Video Slot, there are no specific pay lines. This is a common feature of the new pokies produced by Microgaming. In these real money pokies games, players can win in hundreds of ways. For example, in the Reel Gems Video Slot game, players have 243 separate ways to win. Reel Gems Video Slot goes one step further than most new pokies by allowing players to spin individual reels. This creates even more ways to win in this real money pokies game. Then there is a feature we have rarely seen called Re-Spin. The way that this part of Reel Gems Video Slot works is that at the end of each Spin, a player can choose to make a new bet and spin again in an attempt to trigger winning combinations. Also, there is a scatter symbol and when the Reel Gems Video Slot game player sees 3, 4 or 5 scatters, he gets 15 free spins where all winnings are tripled.

Valuable Symbols in Reel Gems Video Slot Game

The Reel Gems Video Slot uses valuable images to set up valuable prizes. Jewels such as diamond rings can put a new pokies player on the way to win hundreds of thousands of credits. Besides jewels, the game uses tens, and Kings, Queens, and Jack images to fill out the rest of the winning combinations. Get enough of the same symbol anywhere and you have won this real money pokies game. No wonder Reel Gems Video Slot is so popular among those who are looking for new pokies to play.

Play Reel Gems Video Slot Game at Your Favorite Online Casino

If your favorite online casino hosts games developed by Microgaming, they should have Reel Gems Video Slot already. If not, look around. Since this real money pokies game is so popular, many of the best online casinos already have it up. Those that don't should have it soon as they launch new pokies applications and add to their game inventories.