The wild and wily octopus appears in a new five reel pokie machine that features mythical legends along with plenty of fun, excitement and 243 Ways to Win. Online gamers will thrill to the new pokies adventure in which gamers explore the deep sea as they line up game symbols and earn big cash prizes. The symbols in Octopays real money pokies include a hammerhead shark, an old rusted diver's helmet, an even older rusted anchor, and a treasure chest full of gold which spin together with the traditional pokies letters and numbers to create winning combinations.

243 Ways to Win Real Money Pokies

Octopays real money pokies features the well-liked 243 Ways to Win whose popularity has made it into an increasingly visible feature of many new pokies games. In traditional pokies wins are created when matches are made along enabled paylines -- enabling a payline involves placing a wager on the payline before the game begins. If a matching combination occurs but the payline wasn't enabled with a wager, the combination does not win a payout.

With the 243 Ways to Win strategy there are no paylines to enable. All matches result in winning payouts. To achieve a match a spin must result in three matching symbols on adjacent reels, regardless of which position on the reels the symbols appear. If a fourth or a fifth symbol join the winning combination the payout increases but those extra symbols are not necessary for a winning payout.

Pokie Machines

The Octopays pokie machines present a line-up of special icons including the Wild Octopays, the Kraken and the Morey Eel. The Octopays acts as the game's Wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination and earn the gamer a real money jackpot. Whenever two baby octopuses come into view simultaneously on the second and fourth reels the gamer receives twelve free spins plus the Kraken feature.

The Kraken is a figure of ancient Norse mythology. According to Norse myths the Kraken would eat entire ships, crew and all. The Kraken of the Octopays pokie machines is a benevolent creature who aids players by stretching out his tentacles to add new baby octopus symbols to the reels. Each time that another baby octopays arrives on the reels, additional opportunities to create another winning payline are created.

The moray eel is another creature that players should watch. He appears on the third reels and can substitute for any symbol except for the baby octopus. The eel triggers any Wild Octopays that appears in a winning match to release his camouflaging ink, effecting the Octopays's transformation into a double multiplier.

Octopays is a highly engaging new pokies challenge which meets any player's gaming level. The game is now available at the online casino for real money gaming.